Location, location, location...


I am lucky to live and work in Calais, Vermont. In 2012, after years of working as a furniture-maker, and making cards on the side for myself and family, I took a career detour and started Carve Designs. As a young child I lived in the mountains in southern New Mexico, and the wild, imaginative spirit of that place has never completely left me, despite many happy years in urban settings. The inspiration for most of my designs is nature, nature, nature! Luckily, we're surrounded by it here, so design ideas are not hard to come by. Many years ago, while working in an art supply store in Oakland, California, I had the good fortune to come across Japanese Chiyogami paper. I couldn't have predicted then the synergy between those beautiful designs, and the natural world that surrounds me now, but I'm happy that it has all come together...

I currently make notecards, bookmarks and calendars, and I hope to have prints in the future.